Back In The Saddle, The Other One

Doing more biking. Still on my pitiful, proof-of-concept, 5.5 mile training ride [Nowhere, Winner]. It’s coming more easily. I’m able to lever my own ass off the couch during the week and not rely solely on joint rides over the weekend.

Whenever I am heading into the wind (or flapping through one more lap in the pool), I think of Gran Moff Tarkin’s words to Vader on the Death Star after the Millennium Falcon has “escaped”:

This had better work.

All this effort had better show up in my riding. A bolder jump cross-country, fewer seconds in a jump-off, a more sparkling pass in saddle seat. I want results and I want them yesterday!

Note to self: do NOT watch Criminal Minds reruns before a solo bike ride. Every harmless passing car becomes a haven for a skanky unsub who will run me off the road, inject me with exotic drugs, and perform weird and ritualistic violence on my person. My imagination does not need the help.

Note to everyone else: Follow a Criminal Minds episode with the recap on Castle Vardulon. Plot holes, factual errors, and continuity problems served up with generous doses of snark.

How is your exercise resolution going?
Gratuitous Skyline: Birmingham, Alabama, USA

skyline day

skyline night

Greg had to attend a fancy business dinner. I got to stay home, confer with horses instead of people, and still enjoy the view. Win!

Taken at The Club.

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