Referral Saturday: Cover Girl

Local blogger makes national magazine: I’m On The Cover of Redbook!!! Fashion blogger Jeniese Hosey of The je ne sais quoi was one of 6 winners of the Real Woman, Real Style Awards contest sponsored by Dove. (On right in top two photos.)

Redbook cover granite

Redbook red dress

Redbook blue dress


I am tone deaf to fashion trends. I hate to shop for clothes. I am the last person to judge the merits of a fashion blog. OTOH, Ms. Hosey spoke well at the Bloganista Mini-Con [10 Questions], does a lovely job styling the backgrounds of her photos, and is on the cover of Redbook. She must be doing something right.

Procedural Note
Planned a trip off the farm specifically to use my shiny new Nikon [Camera] in a place with nicer light and better background. Checked batteries. Loaded chip. Took test shot. Remembered magazine. Forgot camera. Pffft. Therefore, these were taken with my best camera, i.e. the one I had with me.

Redbook sign


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