10 Questions for a Bloganista

“Bloganista: a woman who wants her blog and her life to be fabulous.”
See Jane Write

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Ten questions, in no particular order, from the The See Jane Write Bloganista Mini-Con presented by Laura Vincent Printing & Design. My answers follow.

1. Are you taking yourself and your blog seriously? Not the hype, the story you have to tell. I vary on this: some days, bulletproof; some days, sniveling wreckage.

2. Are you consistent? I hit this one out of the park. Posts go live every day at 12:01 am. Closing in on 1,300 posts.

3. Have you over-committed? In the past. Took a while to arrive at the current, workable level. [Where Do We Go From Here]

4. Are you writing to your ideal reader? Writing to everyone is writing to no one. I dealt with this a while back, about 10 months after the above. It’s an ongoing process, “I was still trying to anticipate an audience. That way lies madness. One cannot write for the Internet as a whole … You write the story you have to tell, then you look for an audience.” [Attitude Check ]

5. Have you found your tribe? We ought to organize equine blogger meet-ups at the big shows.

6. Do you have a mastermind group? Back in my professional writing days, I had one. It was awesome (All hail the Listgoddess). We have since wandered off to other tasks and to other social media outlets. For the Off Topic blog, I have a beta reader (Thank you). For Rodney’s Saga, I have a handful of people I whine at (Also thank you). Emails to these folks often get reworked as blog posts. If I feel strongly enough to whinge, there’s usually enough there for a post.

7. If you work with commercial brands, do you value what you bring to the table? Staying out of the sponsorship fray, for the nonce.

8. Do you have an up-to-date, one-page press kit? See above.

9. Is your elevator pitch ready? I need this. Even if I don’t want to sell ad space or my services. What is your blog about? … um … Who is Rodney? … er …

10. Ever heard of an epistolary blog? cross counter exchange is “a mother-daughter team obsessed with exploring, creating and enjoying food.” Feverishly figuring how to steal incorporate this idea.

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State of the Blog
This counts as my end-of-the-month blogging commentary for July. Previous state of the blog posts.

 Upside: the scarf made me noticeable.Downside: everyone thought I have a knitting blog.
Upside: the scarf made me noticeable.
Downside: everyone thought I have a knitting blog.

Update. Origin of scarf as blog icon: Doctor Whooves. The scarf is from the TV show Doctor Who. One of those items that if you recognize it, you love it; if you don’t, you wonder WTF.

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  1. I can see why they might think you have knitting blog. But you have to admit, you’d REALLY have drawn attention had you led around one of your horses. That would have been series of blog posts just waiting to happen.

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