Show Reports: NE GA Charity & MidSummer Classic 2015

NE GA sign

Northeast Georgia Foothills Charity Horse Show
June 26th & 27th, 2015
Chicopee Woods Agricultural Center
Gainesville GA, USA
63. Academy Equitation WTC – Adult: 1st of 4
64. Academy Showmanship WTC – Adult: 2nd of 4
78. Academy WTC Championship: 1st of 4.
The Championship may or may not have been adults only, I was not clear on the entries.

MidSummer Classic
June 28th, 2015
Chicopee Woods Agricultural Center
Gainesville GA, USA
1. Academy Equitation W-T-C All Ages: 5th of 10
2. Academy Showmanship W-T-C All Ages: 5th of 10
8. Academy W-T-C Championship: Thanks for playing out of 10

All six classes with Sultan’s Miracle Man. Thank you to Courtney Huguely for the awesome Sam.

Jennifer Barr > Show Proofs > shows dates & class numbers above. Blue shirt, chestnut horse. Hard to miss the blue helmet. [My copyright rant, Ms. Barr has a similar notice on her page as well.]

blue helmet

What I Learned This Weekend

  • A base level of nerves excitement is unavoidable.
  • Acknowledging that I can be competent and incompetent at the same time [Show Today], keeps the butterflies flying in formation (Wofford).
  • I can maintain peak intensity for one class in a weekend.
  • I need to get my sorry ass to the gym.
  • A one-day show can be achieved on enthusiasm. Multi-day showing requires food, sleep, and good shoes.
  • There is no point to looking ahead for a hot-shot maneuver if I forget about what the horse and I are doing at the moment.
  • Don’t be boring.

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NE GA sky
Storm over the showgrounds

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  1. Ah, an homage to Sherlock. Or ACD hisself (since I think the boring thing is canon). So nine other riders at the second show … I have wondered, since you started this shakytail venture, why the classes were always so small! That sounds like a healthier entry (though, of course, it does lower your odds of doing the victory pass thingy).

    • I’d be all for big classes if the competitors were adults. It’s hard for the old farts to beat the kids – and then I feel badly when I do.

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