Equine Neologism: Heat Frustration

Heat Frustration: When you are brimful of enthusiasm to work with your horses, but it is too hot. All you can do is hose down the horses and leave them to stand under their fans.

Why yes, my pasture-kept lawn ornaments have fans in their run-in shed. Your point?

Equine Neologisms: Uncanter

2 thoughts on “Equine Neologism: Heat Frustration

  1. Some days i’d go out to the barn and it was sooo hot, and Princess would be lying down in her stall, and i’d go in and sit down and she’d schooch around till her head was lying in my lap.

  2. There were days when I would go out to ride & Previous Horse would give me a look that said, ‘You have GOT to be kidding’. He was right. I’d hose them off & go back in the house.

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