Bucket List: USDF Bronze

Man plans and God laughs.
Yiddish Proverb

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A USDF Bronze Medal Rider Award is not out of reach for a dedicated amateur. From what very little I understand of the higher levels of dressage – i.e. anything above First – I might have to engage in dressage-specific activities to finish off the Third level scores. Until then, I can get started as an adjunct to eventing dressage. The rules [link to PDF] do not require one to go to specific competitions, to beat fancy Warmbloods, nor to achieve the scores in a given time frame.

I have mentioned this goal previously:

Win the USEA Training Level American Eventing Championships

A USDF Bronze Medal

Adult Jumpers at the National Horse Show at the Kentucky Horse Park

[Where To?]

Making God laugh is not necessarily bad. I posted the above three years ago in March. My first saddle seat lesson was September of that year [Ears]. Goals are good. Amazing new things you never expected? Also good.

Any USDF medalists care to weigh in on feasibility?

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  1. I don’t have my medal yet, but I do have my First level scores, and the bronze is my next goal. The requirements are 2 scores of 60%+ at First, Second and Third level – two different judges for each score, but you can get the scores at the easiest test in each level; you don’t have to get 65%+ scores at Third 3. At recognized dressage shows, of course. 😉

    However, while most horses can muddle though Second level, flying changes are required at Third. And that’s the bug-a-boo for most horses/riders. You can probably fake the mediums and collection at Second level well enough to get a 60% … but … the Third level scores require you half pass, have collected gaits, mediums, extensions and flying changes.

    So, very do-able, if you are half serious about dressage. Very tricky if you are winging it. Which, I think is the point of the USDF Bronze: it IS achievable, but you have to do your homework and be more serious than 95% of the riders plonking around at Training Level.

    I don’t have the tests at my fingertips, but I actually think the Advanced level eventing tests are equivalent to Third level. So, there’s that for perspective.

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