Where To?

Work: PM therapy/EVE rain.
Report: Jumps & exercises relocated around the field, per plan. Now I just have to get my a. in g. early enough to fit in two sessions each day. Daylight Saving Time should help. [BTW, DST is run by the DOT, of all people.]

Ramblings for the Day: Self-help gurus and other professional befrienders are all about writing down & sharing one’s goals. My overall goal remains as it was before Rodney ever set hoof on the property: win the USEA Training Level American Eventing Championships [see post August 2010]. To which I would add, a USDF Bronze Medal and Adult Jumpers at the National Horse Show at the Kentucky Horse Park. No point in dreaming small.

My intermediate steps:
1) Saunter quietly & relaxedly around the pasture on a leadrope.
2) As above, under saddle. This is the miracle step. I think if we can get this far, the rest will fall gradually into place. Mind you there will still be fireworks, backsliding, and hysteria from both parties. He’ll still be a TB and I’ll still be me. 2b) Start jogging & hillwork in hand.
3) Be able to do ringwork. Switch fitness work to undersaddle.
4) Do enough ringwork to take lessons at home.
5) Ship to lessons, xc schools, schooling shows. Day shows are local hunter/jumper & unrecognized dressage.
6) Bigger shows, weekend competitions. Even a Baby Novice proof-of-concept outing requires a weekend.
7) Go to the AEC, win the AEC. Look back in awe & wonderment.
Right now, I would be thrilled beyond words to throw on a saddle for a mosey around the field. I think that would even hold me – at least for a while.

Despite my gloom & doom this winter, I still see room for progress. I want to see what he is like on meds, during the warm weather, with consistent groundwork. If the situation has not changed come October, the wallowing will be epic.

What are your equine goals?

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