Meanwhile Back at the Ranch 3.4.15

A commenter was kind enough to ask how Rodney has been doing [Queen].

I knew there had been a lot of saddle seat posts lately, but I didn’t realize how much other stuff as well. It has been a week since Milton appeared [Revisited, Feb 24] and two weeks since Rodney has [Gold Star, Feb 17]. In total, the backyard duo graced five posts in February: two above, two additional for Milton [Goldisnoot & Miseries], one joint [Shark Attack].

It hasn’t been a policy statement. More of a winter statement. I’ve been busy. It’s been cold. Daylight savings starts soon. Motivation is bound to follow

Everyone is fine. Outstanding even. Out. Standing. In the field. Ha. I crack myself up.

Everyone jeers at the South when we panic over an 1″ of snow or temps under 20oF. It’s all in what you are used to. When a city gets 2″ of snow on average [US Climate data], it doesn’t invest heavily in snow-moving equipment. Similarly, I’ve been colder here than in New England. I don’t have the clothes. Our house isn’t built for it. When I lived in New Hampshire, we rode all winter – in sturdy, indoor arenas.

The horses have been fine with it. No blankets. No problems. Last winter, we had to stop blanketing Rodney when we realized he was shocking himself [Zap]. However, he was coming in at night to keep Mathilda company. The two of them kept the barn toasty, once we closed out the drafts [Windbreak].

With free-range, naked horses, we’ve been on a learning curve for feed and hay. Both have been climbing all winter.

Rodney has been awesome. We’ve been able to put him back on oil [The Oily Truth] for the static and to increase his feed without ballistics. In past winters, Rodney has backslid. He would get spooky and be unable to concentrate. Does cold make his back uncomfortable? Does he stress over possible shocks? Who knows. In the past, we’ve had to mentally put him up on blocks & come back in the spring.

The fact that we are working with him at all, much less making tiny progress, is excellent. OTOH, ‘Guess what, my horse didn’t fling his head up in the air like a giraffe when I tried to brush his face.’ doesn’t make riveting blog narrative.

I take Milton on my walks around the field. It’s not much, but it does interfere with his day and require that he respond to me. My barn help groundworks Milton on the weekends. I have intentions of working Milton during the week, but then it rains, or snows, or does a little of both.

There is still lingering despair coloring my attitude. I’m hoping that heat and light and birdsong give me the momentum to capitalize on the positive progress and ignore the soul-sucking negatives.

I’m not wishing my life away. Just waiting for winter to be over. Quickly.
Gratuitous Pasture Picture

Milton, Rodney, Blue
Milton, Rodney, Blue

3 thoughts on “Meanwhile Back at the Ranch 3.4.15

  1. I think everyone on the east coast is suffering from cabin fever. I have access to an indoor, and we haven’t always been able to ride because it’s been (a) too cold or (b) the gigantic sheets of ice sliding off the roof have been known to drive even the sanest horse insane. Spring is around the corner … the corner is still down the block a bit, but we’ll get there!

  2. It’s lovely here at the moment, perfect riding weather and I can’t bloody ride… can barely contemplate doing groundwork but I am planning on doing some tomorrow.

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