Goldisnoot Revisited

buckets below
We have established that Milton likes his tea warm rather than hot [Goldisnoot]. At the end of last week’s cold snap, the water deliveryman provided reduced service for the final trip. Hot water placed next to cold leftovers.

No warm water for Milton. 😦

Instead, Milton took a sip of hot, then a sip of cold, then a sip of hot …

Odd angle photography brought to you courtesy of Charles Mann, author of Photographing and “Videoing” Horses Explained (Trafalgar 2006):

Mann cov

“One of the biggest mistakes I see photographers make is shooting only from their own eye level. I am usually the dirtiest one to leave a show or a photo shoot because I am always kneeling in the dirt – or even lying on my stomach – shooting up at my subjects.”
Get Down, Up or Over – Finding New Angles (p76)

2 thoughts on “Goldisnoot Revisited

  1. Milton sounds like a riot. Except, of course, I’m not the one dragging around the water buckets!
    I frequently shoot from odd angles. Figured out you can get some really neat photos that way. Of course, you can’t get a really good picture of a pomeranian unless you’re willing to get down to their eye level. Getting down is easy, getting up again is the hard part!

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