Yet Another Horse Shopping SitRep

This is more in the way of a non-progress report. Since you have been slogging through this adventure with me, I figured I should let you know why nothing is happening.

After Nationals [list of posts here for those just tuning in], I had a bit more free time and a lot more free mental space. Time to GET ON this project. Troops mobilized (thank you). Candidates located. A trip to Lexington KY floated on the horizon. You can imagine my despair at the prospect of a KY road trip [Lexington, Sorta].

While December was looking crowded with family & holiday commitments, January loomed. Not an ideal time to horse hunt, but barns big enough to be worth the drive would have indoor rings &/or decent footing. Bubblings of enthusiasm shifted under the bedrock.

Then my barn help pointed out how hard it would be to introduce a third horse until winter is over. Our barn and pasture are perfect for two. Three horses would be doable if they could all hang out in the pasture 24/7. However, since Mathilda has no sense of self-preservation when near her boy toy, the two we have now are kept separate. When one goes in, the other goes out. Vice versa. A three-horse shell game would get seriously annoying while dodging bad weather. If we start in the Spring, we will have months of warmth and daylight to learn a new juggling routine. As for the obvious question, smart money says that Mathilda ain’t going anywhere anytime soon. LW&TCDR.

Do I like this? No.
Is he right? Yes.

So, unless someone drops Gem Twist at the bottom of my driveway with a bow on his nose, no new horse until spring at the very earliest. Oh well, gives me time to get fit.

Double sigh.
Gratuitous Cat Picture


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