Foto Friday: Paisley

brown pattern jods

The lower leg of the new schooling jods I bought at Nationals. From this we learn two things:
1) Saddleseat has much to teach the rest of the horse world about having fun.
2) Never go through the vendor area when one is tired, hungry, & has just won a major award. Everything sounds like a good idea.
Accessing Jedi mind control.
Go here: Haynet. (No need to join to vote but you might wish to consider. Nice place)
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BloggeroftheYear2013_zps22312934Vote. (In the interest of fairness, nominees listed here. If you vote from there, use the “HERE” link not the “VOTE” link lower down.)
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You can go about your business.
Move along.
Releasing Jedi mind control.
Digital advantage: Unlike the physical world, no one has to go back to pick up all the campaign signs with which I have littered the information superhighway.

3 thoughts on “Foto Friday: Paisley

  1. Would love to see the whole leg, etc., preferably on you. Major awards deserve major indulgences. Cool foof.

    Also, you might submit your Christmas photo of your first horse to Haynet, just for fun.

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