My Go Mighty 10

Over on Go Mighty, folks post their life lists and other folks sponsor them. I have no idea why a corporation would want to give me money. However, should the question come up, I want to be ready. Here goes, 10 Goals, in no particular order.

(Of course, my first tasks would be to pray for world peace and volunteer for a month for Doctors Without Borders. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.)

+ Attend a fancy, evening performance of the Spanish Riding School at their Winter Riding School in Vienna. Funding would have to cover airfare, accommodations, and a dress. I’ll buy the Sacher-Torte.

+ Be a VIP guest at the Quarter Horse Congress, or Louisville, or any big show really. See how the other half rolls. I’d probably need new clothes for this one as well. The idea came from the Victory Pass Raffle held by American Saddlebred Museum in Lexington KY.

Win an all-expense paid week at the 2013 World’s Championship Horse Show!
A week’s stay at the Crowne Plaza Hotel – Louisville
$500 Food Voucher for the Crowne Plaza Restaurant
4 Lower Level Box Seats for every performance
A VIP Parking Pass for the week

+ Present ribbons at all three Fall Indoor shows in one year.

+ Tour a ribbon-making factory (are you sensing a theme? I heart me some ribbons.)

+ Take a mule trek down the Grand Canyon. When one combines American and equine, this is as iconic as it gets.

+ Attend a USEA event in Hawaii and in Alaska, Areas VI and VII respectively. Eventing is so land and resource dependent, it would be interesting to see how the land use varies and how such isolated places cope with horse ownership & competition. A schooling show for the Alaska Dressage Association was “Cancelled due to lingering winter“. One can only imagine.

+ Decide on a charity to get behind the way Fat Cyclist does with World Bicycle Relief. See, Just Look at What You’ve Done. There are blogs & sites that support equine rescues. People are doing wonderful work for animal welfare. My office visitor, right, is the result of a donation to either Friends of the Wild Horse or WWF. As yet, I haven’t found the one that grabs me and makes me say, Yes, this one. This is the one to yap on about.

+ Take dressage lesson in Germany. I maintain that German dressage riders have an advantage over American dressage riders because Germany has lesson horses schooled to Second Level. Whereas in the US, people with their own horse and private lessons might never get out of First. (Waves hand). I should go see what I am talking about.

+ Provide transportation and accommodations to guests and speakers for a Rodney’s Saga meet-up at a major horse happening in North America. Then have another one in Europe.

+ ??? That interesting idea of which I haven’t even thought. The world is far vaster and weirder than I can conceive. All I need are cash, instructions, and the injunction to Go Have Fun.

You many notice a lack of reference to Rolex. I have attended. I have volunteered. The only thing left is to ride. That is long past wishlist & solidly into holodeck, fantasy territory. Ditto WEG and the Olympics.

Where would you Go Mighty? If you need help with your list, see the Life List Tutorial, particularly:

2. Relax.
Don’t get hung up on what your list says about you. This isn’t about how intellectual, or sexy, or morally fit you are. It’s about listing some stuff that would make you happier. Just admit you want to be a backup dancer for Lady Gaga. Who cares? Lady Gaga is rad, and pants are overrated. If you put too much weight on what other people think, you’re doing a different exercise. An exercise you should consider doing with an expensive therapist instead.

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One thought on “My Go Mighty 10

  1. Wow! That’s food for thought. Hermitage. Galapagos. Solar panels for the house. Alaska. Personal trainer. Trace ancestors in Scotland. Remove invasive species from the lake. African Safari. A month in England. The garage cleaned out.

    Doable on my own? Must ponder.

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