Roaring: Yeah or Nay?

I have been full of requests for advice & calls to action this week, haven’t I? Opinions on progress, blogging votes, prying into your wish lists, and now roaring.

A horse for sale is advertised as “does roar”. He has been scoped and it hasn’t been a problem for him in his current life. OTOH, the horse hasn’t done a huge amount of work, so perhaps the limits of the problem have not been tested.

Previous Horse had a respiratory issue from his racetrack days. The exact nature escapes me at the moment, but we carried a vet’s letter in the trailer in case it ever came up. It never did. Bottom line, I have no experience with roaring in horses.

What think you:

Bravely run away?
Minor problem unless I am trying to get around an Advanced cross-country course?

No advice on your part will be held accountable for any subsequent action on my part.
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3 thoughts on “Roaring: Yeah or Nay?

  1. ” ‘Roaring,” formally known as left laryngeal hemiplegia, is an upper airway obstruction that occurs when a horse suffers from paralysis or weakening of one of the crucial structures in his throat….” the article goes on.

    The Chronicle of the Horse, September 16, 2009

    From the article, it is a physical condition which seems correctable. A vet check?

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