Nominated! Please Vote.

Remember how I promised to be all grown-up and mature about my blog metrics [Back]? Pffffffft!

Happy dance!! Kermit arms!!

… ahem …

Rodney’s Saga is one of 10 nominated for:


Prizes are both physical and digital:
“The winner will receive some Haynet goodies and a link to their blog or profile on the front page of Haynet for a whole year.”

I’m happy just to be nominated. I want to thank the Academy …
Me. Me. Me. Pick Meeeeeeee!!

… ahem …

Haynet’s main site.
Announcement with links to nominees.

If you are not a member of Haynet, you will need to join to vote, I believe, and have the membership approved (Nope, see below). If you’ve gotten this far, I figure you like horse blogs, so think of it as a perk for voting rather than a hoop through which you must jump.

Thank you.
Update from Haynet:

“There has been a change in the link for the voting as this will only allow you to vote only once from a PC, tablet or phone to make sure that this is fairer! Please use this link and apologies for any inconvenience:

Previous voting will though be taken into account. So may the best blogger win!”
Update the Second:

TPTB at Haynet say you don’t have to join to vote, but welcome if you do decide to join.

4 thoughts on “Nominated! Please Vote.

    1. The link above, HERE on the nomination announcement, & the sidebar icon on the Haynet site all go to the correct SurveyMonkey, The VOTE link on the nomination announcement goes to the old & therefore closed site. AFAICT.

  1. Okay – this is weird. I just went back to see if I could do it again and the link on the bottom says the survey is closed but the link on the top (one says ‘here’ and one says ‘vote’) worked for me. But it won’t work a second time. (which isn’t unexpected)

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