Tic, Tic, Tic

Work: PM heat therapy/EVE groom
Report: same stuff, different day.

Ramblings for the Day: The horse may be half full instead of half empty. As I have said before, when I catch the mare for her walk around the pasture, Rodney runs back to the barn. I had wondered if this was security-seeking behavior. Today when I went to get Mathilda, Rodney was at the far end of the pasture. As we circumnavigated the pasture, we passed by his spot. He came over to say hello and went back to grazing. A breakthrough, I wondered? When it was clear that Mathilda and I were on our way back to the other, barn, end of the pasture, Rodney squealed and took off. He came thundered up to us, looked us over, stuck his head in the air, and high-trotted back to the barn. However, it looked less like a panic attack and more like an excess of joie de vivre. Perhaps when a member of the herd is caught, he thinks Something is happening. Therefore, he runs back to the barn in case that Something involves a meal. The theory is weakened by the fact that he headed into the run-in shed rather than to the feed buckets. The answer could be both. He might be expressing frantic and frolic simultaneously. He is large. He may contain multitudes*.

On the plus side, I anticipated the run and had a good hold on the dog so she couldn’t “help”. There’s nothing like a running animal to flip the switch in a herding dog.

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How does your horse express J.D.V.?

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