Who Stand and Wait

Work: PM heat therapy & back massage/EVE groom.
Report: I usually rub his back for a few minutes after each heating session. Today, I got carried away. It’s a nice, nonconfrontational activity with a near-guaranteed positive outcome.

Ramblings: Despite my bragging yesterday, in truth I haven’t done much equine volunteering in a while. I used to feed at the local riding for the handicapped until I realized that I was doing other folks’s stalls after carefully arranging my own barn life not to include any. Last time I checked, I was still on their list as a back-up feeder but they haven’t called in years. Around me, local shows are run by the host barns, which have their own people. There are no local events. Regional competitions are getting more professionally run every year. It’s been a while since Judy and Mickey said, ‘Hey kids, let’s put on a show’. As the commentators yesterday demonstrated, events at any level still run on volunteer fence judges. However, if I am going to use up a weekend, travel to an event, and spend money on a hotel room, I’m going to have a horse in tow. Or be covering it for a magazine. Either way, money is going to change hands. Okay, I used to travel to Kentucky to volunteer at Rolex, but that’s Kentucky. And Rolex.

In terms of wider life experience, less horse volunteer work has meant learning more about other realms. I would never have had time for the fire department or the zoo in a more horse-dense area. But, it has left me hopelessly out of touch within the local horse community. In another life, in another state, I knew or knew of everyone. Now, entire barns spring up of which I have never heard. It’s disconcerting.

Stall cleaning. Traveling. What are you willing to do to volunteer with horses?

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  1. Ah, volunteering. Back in the day, before I was a Hausfrau, I was Volunteer Extrodinarie. I used to run eventing and dressage shows at the USET. Yes, that’s how long ago, a time when we used to run local events at that esteemed venue. I put in a good ten years, mostly loving every minute of it. A day finally did come, though, when I realized volunteering and working were all I did. I slowly reduced my volunteer load down to nothing, spent about a month recuperating, met my husband, got married, had children, and started volunteering at the children’s school. Monday’s are my volunteer day: I read with the second graders and spend the rest of the day in the library. Once a volunteer, always a volunteer.

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