The Ups And Downs Of Walking

Training Journal   Quiet side: It is wonderful to be walking our horse. Competitive side: Yes it is. When are we going to trot? Quiet side: We trot. And canter. Competitive side: Pffft. A few minutes on a long rein is not trotting. Well, technically it is trotting. But it’s not working. Circles. Contact. BasicContinue reading “The Ups And Downs Of Walking”

Why! Are! We! Waiting! Schooling The Hurry Up & Wait

Training Journal     We’ve all been to shows where you get ready and then wait, and wait, and wait. Yet, we never practice this at home. At least, I don’t. Get on. Ride. Get off. That’s the general routine at home. Then we go to shows and expect the horse to be good withContinue reading “Why! Are! We! Waiting! Schooling The Hurry Up & Wait”

What Next? Who Are You?

Training Journal   Job one. Get to know my horse. Now that Rodney is getting less disturbed about life, I am meeting the horse underneath the hysteria. Please understand that I mean ‘less-disturbed’ for a high-strung, Thoroughbred definition of the term. Rodney is never going to be an easy ride. Over the years, I haveContinue reading “What Next? Who Are You?”

How Long Has It Been? Helpful Technology

Training Journal     When long-lining or riding, we use a phone app that buzzes every X minutes for a total of Y minutes. This way we know approximately how long we’ve been working without constantly consulting our phones. We make sure not to change gaits/activity exactly when the buzzer goes off, particularly not toContinue reading “How Long Has It Been? Helpful Technology”

They Said It Couldn’t Be Done, Or At Least I Said It Couldn’t

Training Journal   Video Still from video CANTER! BOTH WAYS! NINE YEARS! We have cantered before. Technically. In the past, work with Rodney meant – metaphorically – holding my breath and hoping we got to the other side. On this day, these were simple, organized, quiet canters. The sort of canter thousands of horses doContinue reading “They Said It Couldn’t Be Done, Or At Least I Said It Couldn’t”