Horse Bingo

Let’s take stroll down memory lane, courtesy of The Backyard Horse Blog: Let’s Play Horse Bingo. I reiterate their request. If this is yours, please claim for credit. Internet search not helpful. Too many versions of Horse Bingo out there.

The results please …..

… drum roll ….

… two bingos. Close to a clean sweep, if I include maybes.

Yes = Been there. Done that. Probably have the blog post to prove it.

Embarrassing apparel? Check

[C is for Cookie, C is for Costume Class, Halloween 2022]

No stirrups? Check. [Lessons from No Stirrup November], mainly for the links to other stories, such as the time I lost my stirrup at Nationals. [When the Stirrup Swings] (pause to shudder)

Selfie? Check.

26 + 63 = 89. Still too young.

[On the 11th Day of Christmas: Eleven Years a-Passin’]

And now, the rest of the squares.

? = maybe, some more probable than others.

Some I assume yes but can’t remember a specific incident, such as Choked on fly spray or Got horse droppings on boots.

Some are more debatable.

Fights with my horse? Yes. Hangs head. Do the incidents qualify as arguments? Not sure. Either the horse was yelling or I was. Not a lot of back & forth verbal sparring.

Travel across the across country with your horse? No. How about down & over? NC to AL was a long overnight drive. Worth at least half a box. And then there was psychically following Milton down from Canada and physically following him from Kentucky.

Secrets? I have no confidence in my ability not to get excited and blurt out my thoughts. So I try not to get involved in giving or receiving secrets. OTOH, I’m sure I have said things to my horse(s) that I have not said to anyone else.

Cancel plans? Never make the plans in the first place. As in, I can’t do that, I have a horse show/am going to the barn.

Moonlight? This is the weakest maybe. As a kid, I went to summer camp in Wyoming one year. I swear we went on a moonlit ride, but I could be conflating any of the various long daytime rides with a nighttime hike. My memory apparently likes to romanticize my adventures. [Pondering The Past, Wondering If It Ever Even Happened]

The only definite no is Ridden on the beach.

What is your Bingo?


4 thoughts on “Horse Bingo

  1. I have never owned a horse (or been owned by one) but I have ridden on the beach in two states, been stepped on and bitten and thrown, certainly critiqued horse movies (and read out the library horse books), competed, and dream about being a horse.

  2. As your grandfather would have said: What? You haven’t ridden on a beach?”

    My comment: Way to go!

  3. Got 15. Two Bingo’s — Top right to bottom left (diagonal through middle), and Row 4 vertical down. Have ridden on a beach, several times. Also took horses swimming too, including beach and ponds. They loved it.

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