C is for Cookie, C is for Costume Class, Halloween 2022


Awareness of the outside world. Does anyone else remember Trick or Treat for UNICEF? Do kids still do that? I wonder what they did with all those pennies we collected. I looked. The Internet was not forthcoming on either question (gasp!).

Update. Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF. It was right there when I searched. Dunno why I didn’t find earlier. Hat tip to K for the heads up.


Cookie Monster with Chief Cookie Dispenser
Costume Class
Stepping Stone Farm Fun Show 2022



Muppet Wiki: Cookie Monster

Smithsonian: Cookie Monster’s First Name Is Sid, And Other Icon’s “Real” Names, Colin Schultz, 2014

C is for cookie.
C is for cookie.
Cookie starts with C.
That’s good enough for me.
Milton’s abridged version of the Cookie Monster song.
Muppet Wiki: C is for Cookie (song)

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6 thoughts on “C is for Cookie, C is for Costume Class, Halloween 2022

  1. I remember trick or treating for UNICEF. I never did wonder, until now, what actually happened to those pennies. I may try to find out, but you are better at that type of things.

  2. Re pennies. My Google-fu has failed me on this subject. See update above.

    Re Cookie Monster. He really is one. As soon as one of us suggested the idea, we knew we had to do it as a costume

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