C is for Cookie, C is for Costume Class, Halloween 2022


Awareness of the outside world. Does anyone else remember Trick or Treat for UNICEF? Do kids still do that? I wonder what they did with all those pennies we collected. I looked. The Internet was not forthcoming on either question (gasp!).

Update. Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF. It was right there when I searched. Dunno why I didn’t find earlier. Hat tip to K for the heads up.


Cookie Monster with Chief Cookie Dispenser
Costume Class
Stepping Stone Farm Fun Show 2022



Muppet Wiki: Cookie Monster

Smithsonian: Cookie Monster’s First Name Is Sid, And Other Icon’s “Real” Names, Colin Schultz, 2014

C is for cookie.
C is for cookie.
Cookie starts with C.
That’s good enough for me.
Milton’s abridged version of the Cookie Monster song.
Muppet Wiki: C is for Cookie (song)

SSF Costume Class
[Neither Sound Nor Light, Halloween 2019]
[Minions of the Night Unicorn] 2018
[It’s a Rat Race, Halloween 2017]
[Macho Dresses Up As Dr. Whooves] 2016


5 thoughts on “C is for Cookie, C is for Costume Class, Halloween 2022

  1. I remember trick or treating for UNICEF. I never did wonder, until now, what actually happened to those pennies. I may try to find out, but you are better at that type of things.

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