A Bout of Bodywork for Both Horses


Awareness of the outside world. Gothamist: Creatively costumed canines at NYC’s 2022 Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Festival, by Jaclyn Jeffrey-Wilensky, Oct 22, 2022.


Horses got bodywork from Anita A. Miller & Michaela E. Miller of Robin Hood Therapy, LLC. Social media & website coming soon.

Rodney. MagnaWave & massage. Color him dubious. We are taking this as a good sign. Rodney has had so much bodywork that he usually very accepting of it. He loved the massage part. MagnaWave is supposed to get deeper than other modalities. The fact that he thought it was weird might mean that it was reaching new places.

Milton. BEMER & massage. Much yawning and relaxing during. Appeared not happy to have it end. All good. The next day, went terribly. Refused to trot. Much swearing and lifting of hip by horse. Stayed at a steady walk, just completely refused to upshift. Driver maintained an admirable calm. Eventually coaxed horse into decent trot work. The following day? The best Milton has ever gone in harness. Correlation? Causation? Unrelated training moment?

We hope to make Robin Hood Therapy a regular visitor to our barn.

Both are CESMT (certified equine sports massage therapists), CMWP (certified MagnaWave practitioners), Bemer specialists, trained infrared and red light therapists, and headed for equine accupressure training in December. Anita is currently in training for essential oils therapy in animals and herbology.


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