A Plentiful Postcard Parade


Art from the outside world. MFA Boston: Postcards at the MFA.


World Postcard Day was October 1. Through Postcrossing, I sent out five postcards and received 8. Woot!


Interesting things I discovered from the postcards & postcard messages.

Syksy-terveisiä is Finnish for Autumn Greetings.

“Olomouc Zoo, is a Czech zoo, located in Svatý Kopeček, Olomouc in Czech Republic. Olomouc Zoo is one of the largest breeders of South African Gemsbok in Europe and the stud book keeper of the East Caucasian tur.” Wiki: Olomouc Zoo. Website, Zoo Olomouc.

Hohenschwangau Castle

How’s this for a subway stop? Metro In Moscow: Station Komsomolskaya

Live Science: Who invented the bicycle?, Palermo, March 04, 2022

Atlas Obscure: Tampere Cathedral Frescoes

Royal Delft Museum. Switch to English, as needed. Click on Museum collection > Visit the museum online. In Dutch, “Bezoek het museum online.”

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4 thoughts on “A Plentiful Postcard Parade

  1. Hope it didn’t leave a signature paw print!
    This is fascinating to me – the cards, not the cat – well she/he is too. As a stamp collector for almost 50 years, the stamps were of as much interest to me as the cards. And so many different stamps on the same mailpiece! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Cat. Rhyme, aka Smudge. Around here, horses keep their names, mostly. Cats & dogs develop nicknames.

    Stamps. The international stamps are so much more varied than the limited choice for US international mail.

    Postcrossing. One of those things that I like when I do it & not sure why I don’t do more. Good luck with it!

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