Edible Book

A weak entry. I plan to do better next year.

Hersheyland: Twizzlers


Click over for a book made from phyllo dough. TYWKIWDBI: “Booklava”, citing Edible Geography: Publishing Food #3.

“The Sheridan Libraries Edible Book Festival began in 2014 and is now a highly-anticipated Johns Hopkins tradition. It is one of many such festivals that take place around the world on or around April 1 to celebrate books, art, food, and culture.” John Hopkins: Edible Book Festival

Also Illinois Library, Shore Lake Arts, Salt Lake Community College, Loganberry Books, and that’s just the first few hits.

Wiki: Edible Book Festival

Atlas Obscura: Edible Book Festivals Are for Pun and Food Lovers, Ewbank 2019

Book Riot: 20 Fantastic Edible Books From The World’s Biggest Edible Book Festival, Smalter 2017

Three Thoughts

How did I not know about this?

Finally, a decent use for April 1. [A Fool But Not an April Fool] “Do I dislike the day because I am a credulous sap who is easily gulled? Absolutely. That does not mean I am wrong.” [Silence], “I will spend today hoping I don’t make too much of an idiot of myself.” [River]

Props to B for starting me down edible book rabbit hole.

Coda – Just because it’s edible doesn’t mean you want to

Did I eat the artwork? No, I did not. I intended to. I planned to put the edible in book. However, I have recently discovered a disinclination to consume additives in the current bread-making processes. (Remember when bread used to mold? How long has it been since you’ve seen a commercial loaf go green? But I digress.) While I was arranging the letters, I ate the trimmings. Turns out Twizzlers has enriched wheat flour as the second ingredient. Who knew? It was sufficient to disagree with me. Fairly quickly. I didn’t eat that many trimmings.

I have heard that edible sculptures for contests, commercials, etc. have to be technically edible. They don’t necessarily have to be tasty.


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