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Awareness of the outside world. I hate April Fools. To quote myself & to paraphrase Lewis, unless very cleverly executed, pranks are merely socially acceptable cruelty. Do I dislike the day because I am a credulous sap who is easily gulled? Absolutely. That does not mean I am wrong. [2012, 2013]
Rodney and I have been legit jumping over tiny crossrails. Why haven’t I mentioned it?

First, the crossrails have been truly tiny, both at FCHP and SSF. [Rollerskates for Grandma]

The aim of the exercise is NOT to jump. Instead, we need to learn to trot over little piles of wood as if they were ground poles rather than jumps. Give them the effort they deserve, which is minimal. I’m all for cantering into the ring sideways ready to slay dragons. Let’s wait until that level of enthusiasm is merited.

Second, last time I warbled on about Rodney jumping, it disappeared almost immediately. [Recap]

We saw that documenting each jump Milton took led nowhere. [Getting A Break]

I wanted to establish repeatability before I went public. OTOH, one day of good schooling does not a habit make. I’m glad of our progress but we are not doing what I would call jumping yet. We are not trotting, much less cantering, down to little jumps. However, talking about our three-phase progress yesterday meant letting the cat out of the bag.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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  1. A few businesses advertised clever, and clearly made-up, products. OTOH, I got taken in by a horse outlet that announced safety changes for dressage and cones. Turned out to be AF. What is funny about requiring people to wear a helmet? Oh well, done for another year.

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