Not Quite Pi, Walk Report, Columbiana Sports Complex

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Weekly Walk
Columbiana Sports Complex
March 17, 2021
Distance – 3.14 km, note units
Time – 43:41 min
Mileage [LEJOG, this date]

The Boston Athletic Association offered a Pi Day Challenge. Run (or walk, in my case) 3.14 miles on 3/14/21. I missed it by THAT much.

Not quite Pi Day.

Not quite round.

Not quite the diameter.

Definitely not 3.14 miles.

I had plans, such plans. I would walk a circle on Pi day. I would draw a circle with the GPS.

Scouring the map led to ovals galore, a few triangles, but no circles. Perhaps a cul-de-sac in random neighborhood? That would thrill the residents. Perhaps 70 times on the paved inside of a traffic roundabout? Boooooring. Free-hand a circle in the pasture? Lots of walking while staring at the screen to adjust the path. Aha! The Court Square Fountain in Montgomery, complete with BLM mural. A long drive for a walk, but definitely hits the Find New Places metric. Al New Center: King’s Canvas is an Alabama Bright Light in living color, by Shamsi-Basha July 2020, fountain photos by McKinney.

Turns out I didn’t walk at all that week. Resting hip. Doesn’t hurt during the day or when I walk. Aches at night enough to keep me from sleeping well. I sleep, just not well. Very little keeps me from sleeping. So, time off.

When I started walking again, I looked for a flat, dry area. I think slipping around in the mud in the pasture was what made my hip sore in the first place. Our soil has a high clay content. The slightest amount of rain leads to skid city.

I found flat. I found no mud. Dry? Not so much.

Your factoid for the day. Due to their day-month-year notation, Europe celebrates Pi Day on 22 July, or 22/7. “Pi denotes the relationship between a circle’s circumference and its diameter and is denoted by the fraction 22/7 which calculates approximately to 3.14.” Pi Approximation Day

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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  1. I know this sounds strange, but it was interesting to me to learn that your soil has a high clay content. The soil around her is also very “clay-y”, and it took me forever to get my garden deep enough with enriched soil to grow carrots.

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