Checking In On Three Phases

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Awareness of the outside world. Ugh. Where to start. Shootings, plural. Georgia voting law. Chauvin trial. Here, have some happy news. NYT: America’s Bald Eagle Population Has Quadrupled, by Taylor, March 2021.
How far are we from dominating the AEC? Or at least completing a local, micro, mini, intro event?

Dressage. Rodney will walk, trot, and canter on command in a dressage arena! We could probably get from A to Z in any Beginner Novice or Novice test. Ready to go. (Hurriedly crosses fingers.)

Cross-country. We trotted out in the XC field at FCHP!! Even though he pretzeled himself during part of it, the marbles did not threaten to roll off the table.

Show Jumping – We trotted a course of tiny, tiny crossrails!!! Even when he jumped, it was a calm, quiet little hop.

In Work
Dressage. At some point I am going to have to pick up my reins and actually ride dressage. We are currently doing our best hunter flat class impression. Meh. Finish with a number not a letter.

Cross-country. Not going to pay the extra fee for XC schooling until we are super calm over show jumps and reliably quiet about hacking in the field.

Show Jumping. Still leaping where the script calls for trotting. Putting in more effort than required, which means he’s still rushing them in his mind.

Yes, we have been jumping. More on this tomorrow.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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  1. I’m thrilled to see that I’m not imagining seeing more bald eagles than I remember in past years. It’s really cool to see them bouncing back. Thank you for the break in bad news. Current events are so important, but also exhausting, especially these days.

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