Stall Rest Chronicles 12 March, Finishing Phase III

Explanation. We have a horse on stall rest following colic surgery. This has taken over the blog. Mostly. [Begin, Phase III]

Finishing week 10 post surgery
Finishing week 4 of paddock rest

Today is the last day of Milton’s medium stall rest.

Milton has been a star about his second month of stall rest at home. His incision continues to mend. He’s gaining stamina. He stays in the stall peacefully. He goes out to graze like a gentleman. [III]

Well, a gentleman 99% of the time. [Milton Goes For A Run]

What he has not be a star about is being in the stall while Rodney gets time in the pasture. [Milton Has Temper Tantrums]

Has nothing to do with stall rest. Has everything to do with separation anxiety. This is not new. Worrying about him hurting his belly while melting down, that’s new. We’ve been standing with him, adjusting his feed., bribing him with alfalfa, anything we can do to either quiet him down or at least keep him from losing his marbles completely.

Rodney ended up not doing any work. Weather and logistics got in the way at first. When we had time and footing we debated, keep Milton in a stall? Stand him next to the ring? If Rodney gets demonstrative about going back to work, will Milton stand quietly and laugh – possible – or will he join in – also possible.

We looked at the odds. We have a 50/50 chance of either horse acting up. That means a 75% of someone acting up and a 25% chance of mass hysteria.

You know what? We’ve made it this far, let’s stay with what works. It’s not like Rodney is on any sort of schedule. Bring on the extended vacation!

In Other News

Speaking of last day. The last day for time change? I’d prefer DST for light in the evening, but mostly I wish we would pick one and stay with it. S.623 – Sunshine Protection Act of 2021. Passed Senate. Waiting on House & Prez. No change since 3/16/22.

[Sad Clock]


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