A Spot In The Sun, Pet Photos

Jasmine basks in the new dog pen. While we have fenced-in yard, it needs serious rehab before it is ready for the senior set, particularly Jas. She can get stumped by a twig in her path if she’s feeling ornery &/or particularly unstable. Now they can lie in the sun without someone having to stay outside to supervise.

Visiting the barn in the portable pen.

Favorite place for Pudge, formal name Reason. He has free run of house & barn. He wants to sleep in a feed pan in the front yard. In his defense, it is a sunny spot.

Internet wisdom says straw is the best outdoor bedding. Towels can get damp and cold. Hay can mold. Of course, that is for feral animals. Pudge’s straw is changed whenever it gets wet. Still, he seems to like it. The picnic blankets for the dogs get picked up as soon as they come inside.


3 thoughts on “A Spot In The Sun, Pet Photos

    1. Back in the dark ages, out at the barn one day Nancy (barn manager) and I were petting Odie, and orange cat, and she said to me, I want to come back as your horse. Oh, wait, that wouldn’t work, we’re too close in age.
      I hadn’t even thought of that until Joan’s comment. Good times back then.

  1. I love seeing pictures of my mom’s “girls.” They look well nourished and relaxed, how life is supposed to be for a Bassett. Thanks for taking them in and for sharing these pictures. ❤️

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