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Not as sad as most years. Horse Nation: The Idea of Order: Hello Darkness, my Old ‘Friend’…

1) Working horses in the am. Will benefit from morning light.

2) The last time?!

Reuters: U.S. Senate approves bill to make daylight saving time permanent, Shepardson, March 16, 2022 S.623 – Sunshine Protection Act of 2021. Passed Senate. Waiting on House & Prez.

“Update: Mexico Abolishes DST … On October 26, the Mexican government announced that the Senate approved the law to remove DST in Mexico. Northern border locations will still follow the US DST schedule.” Time & Date: Daylight Saving Time Ends in USA & Canada, Buckle & Gundersen. 30-Sep-2022. Changed 27-Oct-2022.


5 thoughts on “Sad Clock

  1. DSL was heavily lobbied by the candy and golf course industries which the Senate was too preoccupied to resist. Scientists finally got a word in edgewise and explained why DST is unhealthy, and would also move winter’s dawn as late as 10am for millions of people. The Washington Post has a very entertaining overview, “Why Daylight Saving Time Is Worse for Your Body than Standard Time: An animated story of what science says about changing our clocks in the fall and spring”:

    Obviously, I am not on team DST! Let’s go back to, you know, Time. Let noon be at noon, or closer to it, year around.

  2. Before I worked in the office, I actually looked forward to the shorter days. It meant a curfew of sorts for horse training and was the time of year when I got to go home, sit down, and relax/catch up a bit. I feel differently this year when the trails are only open 10-2 and it gets dark before I get off of work and to the barn. I look forward to staying in DSL next year.

  3. I think there are two issues here.

    1) DST vs Standard Time
    2) Changing from on to the other twice a year.

    We may differ on #1 – team afternoon light over here. I think we can agree that #2 needs to go.

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