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Awareness of the outside world. The Verge: Welcome to hell, Elon, Patel, Oct 28, 2022. Aside from the amusingly hyperbolic language, the author raises interesting points about the problems facing a global social media platform.


Blog humming along. Nothing pressing to say for the monthly State of the Blog post. [STOB archives]

So, here are a few books.

“Not reviews. Imagine we are in a bookstore. I wander up to you, hand you one of these books, say ‘Have you read this one?’, then wander off. Whereupon you look at the cover, turn it over, look at the back cover, read the blurb, flip through the book, and decide for yourself if you are interested. It’s like that. Enjoy.” [Have You Read This?]

Finished all of these, which is a recommendation in itself. I am bad about getting distracted by shiny objects books. These retained my interest sufficiently to keep me from wandering off to other books.

Two are from Book Culture, one of my fav bookstores. Their book selection most definitely has a bias, which leans the way I do, which I don’t find often where I live. I always wish I had more room in my luggage when I shop there.

Enough blather. Here are the books.

Declassified: A Low-Key Guide to the High-Strung World of Classical Music, By Arianna Warsaw-Fan Rauch (Putnam 2002). Publisher’s book page. Music guide interspersed with author’s experience as a top violinist.

Along those lines, A Enter Spooking: I Quit. Author talks about walking away from competitive dressage. Your ideas get more cred when you have a USDF gold medal in your back pocket. It’s not like me declaiming what I don’t like about dressage as I potter around the Intro ring.

Border Crossings: A Journey on the Trans-Siberian Railway, by Emma Fick, (Harper 2022). Publisher’s book page. I have ordered the author’s other two travel books, Snippets of New Orleans & Snippets of Serbia.

In the Heart of the Sea: The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex, by Nathaniel Philbrick, (Penquin 2000). Publisher’s book page. What happened after the whale hit the boat. Non-fiction. If you search on this, add “book” or the author’s name otherwise you will get the movie. Read for class. [36]

Images from publisher pages. No deals or affiliate links. Bought books. Like telling people about stuff to read. [Have You Read This? archives]


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  1. You’ve done it again, LOL. Now I’m going to go buy some books I can’t afford. And add them to my already toppling stacks….

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