Jasmine and Rose, One Month Of The New Dogs

Awareness of the outside world. BBC: Dogs look like their owners – it’s a scientific fact, Robson, 2015. PDF of study available online.


Jasmine & Rose arrived home with us on Thursday, 1 December 2022. Notes from their first month.

Day 0

Dogs attend graveside service. Behave impeccably. [Jasmine and Rose, Meet The New Dogs]

Ditto, road trip home. [Jasmine and Rose Have A Big Basset Adventure]

Due to these events, especially the first, they have permanent gold starts on their records, regardless of whatever comes next.

Week One

The smells! So! Many! New! Smells!

Sniffing. Done Sniffing.

Portrait of a Snoot (gotta give equal time)

My superpower is finding nap spots.

The reign of the nap queen continues.

First Walk. Rose came along for a lap of the pasture. She trotted along at people-walking speed for the entire lap, except for going up the hill. Understandable. She only stopped once to sniff, at the water trough. Also understandable. Better than some horses I could mention.

Things take a long time to get used to. ‘Oh, a nice photo of the dogs. I need to remember to send that to Greg’s mother. Pause. No, that’s why we have the dogs.’

Week Two

Shopping for a dog pen to air on sunny days. We’ve decided our dog area is too hardcore for the ladies. Also had their first(?) burger and fries on this outing. Rose didn’t know what to do with a french fry until Jas showed her.

Added ramp over front stairs for short-legged, senior dogs with iffy backs.

Cats feel we did not file correct forms to increase the house allocation.

Week Three


Cat sleeping on dog bed.

Dog zoomies in pasture.

Week Four

More waiting.

MSM for Jasmine. Moving better.

Both have gained weight. Jas looking good. Rose is a bit more of a sausage than she needs to be.


6 thoughts on “Jasmine and Rose, One Month Of The New Dogs

  1. Although not a “dog person”, I love these two. I met them in person on Day 0. So sweet.

  2. Thanks for the update on Jasmine and Rose. They’re in good hands, obviously.

    Re cats – well, they were there first, so they’ll probably always consider the bassets intruders.

  3. My guess is that Rose is quite pleased about being more sausage-shaped. Thanks for doing ALL of this!

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