Jasmine and Rose, Meet The New Dogs


Awareness of the outside world. My nephew. “Party like it’s 1999, Warriors Cap perfect season with 34-28 SuperBowl win,” Local Headline News: Sports Page, Wakefield Daily Item, Kelly, Dec 6, 2022, front page. LHN: Perfect Season, jkeating624, Dec 5, 2022, team photo. YouTube: Wakefield Football Super Bowl (2022), highlight reel.


To tell this, I have to start with sad news. My mother-in-law passed away last week. JBD: Priscilla Walcott, Legacy: Guest Book

Many years ago, my mother-in-law was approaching an age when she thought she might not have any more dogs. She was worried about leaving them behind. Back then, Greg told her that she could have dogs for as long as she wanted and we would take them when they needed a home.

Et voilà.

The intro pics from when the dogs were informed of the change in management. Rose, top. Jasmine, bottom. I will work on making model shots.


Female, liver & white Basset Hound, 2012.


Puppy pic. “Mother-in-law needed a ride to pick up her new dog.” [Spotted in Boston]


Female, liver & white Basset Hound, 2011. One eye has been removed due to disease.

Full name, CH L’Ile De Feu’s Lady In Red; call name Jezebel. This is a photo of a piece of paper we found at the house. It seems to be a printout of a webpage.

Caption: CH L’Ile De Feu’s Lady In Red, a/k/a “Jezebel”, being awarded Best of Winners under Mrs. Janet Leslie Buchanan on 6/21/15. This is a Major win and finishes Jezebel’s Championship. Congratulations Jezebel!!!

This is all we know. The address at the bottom of the page, liledefeubassets.com/Recent_Wins, goes nowhere. The LDFB website appears to be gone, out of reach of even the Wayback Machine.

Good Dog: L’ile de Feu Bassets

The Canine Chronicle: Mid-Hudson Kennel Association – Sunday, June 21, 2015. I believe this is the show in the photo.

Info Dog: Worcester County Kennel Club, Saturday 12/01/12, where she showed in BASSET HOUNDS. Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.

Name Change

She came to us with the name JEZEBEL,

Which got shortened to JEZZ,

Which is less common and harder to pronounce than JAZZ,

Which sounds a lot like JAS,

Which got lengthened to JASMINE.

The shift was unconscious, but I’m not unhappy with the result. Jezebel can be a slur in the Madonna/whore duality or a reclamation of the term. Either one is a heavy burden to lay on a dog. Plus, she has more of a flower personality.

She responds to the new name as well as she does to the old, as in, not at all. So, mox nix.

Onwards! But quietly, while we all get used to being in a new place.

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