Jasmine and Rose Have A Big Basset Adventure


Awareness of the outside world. ivt: Patron the Jack Russell: Meet the Ukraine dog with a life-saving job sniffing explosives, Irvine, 7 December 2022.


Jasmine and Rose needed a relo. [Jasmine and Rose, Meet The New Dogs]

So we loaded up the car and drove two dogs from their home in Massachusetts to their new home in Alabama. This is a record of our updates to the family as we drove. Hat tip to N for the title.

On our way.

[no photo] They are starting to realize they are not in Kansas anymore.



Goodbye NY. The ladies are asleep.



[no photo] Blink and you miss Delaware.

MD by streetlight

[no photo] DC, another blink



[no photo] They’ve been stars. Jazz has taken to stretching out along the seat. Rose runs out of room & uses J as a pillow.

[Blog note. Footwells filled in with duffel bags & other soft, squishy stuff. No danger of falling off the seat.]

South Carolina [G]

[no photo] Another stop in SC. Rest area had designated pet area. They both enjoyed the sniffbook posts.

GA. Checking out the view from the front seat.

[no photo] AL. Played Sweet Home Alabama for the dogs. Rose was dubious. Jezz slept thru it.

[no photo] May be late with Eagle has landed text/photo. Looks like we will arrive at same time as horse feeder so a bunch of shit will be happening all at once. Dont worry if I disappear from keyboard. 🐶 🐶

[no photo] 🦅 🍴 (We copy you down. Stick a fork in me Im done.) ❤️ to all.


The dogs did not put a paw wrong the entire trip. Slept quietly during the driving. Got out and walked about in a civilized fashion when we stopped. Did not offer a drop or speck of infelicitous bodily functions. After a bad bagel, I came closer to messing up the car than the dogs did.

Of geographical interest. We played hopscotch with the Maryland/DC line. From Maryland south into DC, as one would expect. Then through the east corner of DC and back into Maryland. In crossing the Potomac, we returned to DC for a few seconds, where the southern tip of the DC border crosses under the bridge on I-495. Virginia Places: Virginia-Maryland Boundary, scroll down about 2/3 of the way for the color photo of Jones Point, or look up Jones Point Park on a map.


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  1. So glad it all went well. Congrats to you for your bravery in taking it on and congrats to the ladies for being so ladylike. Definitely a Big Basset Adventure!

  2. You are amazing!
    How are all the four-legged ones getting on with each other?
    You also have cats, yes?

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