Looking For The Next Smiling Face, Progress of the Horse Hunt


Awareness of the outside world. Fusion.


Looking at videos of a horse for sale. On paper, horse seems nice. On paper, they all seem nice.

So many variables.

One thing I can say for certain. My psychological paralysis on the subject has not magically disappeared. “The more I do this, the more I wonder how anyone buys a horse ever.” [Status Of The Horse Hunt, Needle Pegged at Overwhelm]

I wonder if one can order decisiveness online.


3 thoughts on “Looking For The Next Smiling Face, Progress of the Horse Hunt

  1. Do you have much Libra in your makeup? If so, that explains it.
    You see both sides of the issue so decisions are hard.

  2. A person who follows that stuff says my moon is in Libra. Personally, I think my doubting of the process comes from my two previous attempts at horse buying, who are currently eating their heads off in the backyard. As creatures of God, they are perfect in themselves. As competitive sport horses, not so much.

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