No Stirrup November, No Stirrups Not On Purpose


Awareness of the outside world. Watch 105-year-old Julia ‘Hurricane’ Hawkins run 100 meters at Louisiana Senior Games. Pierce, Nov 6, 2021. For interview video, 105-Year-Old Julia Hawkins Sets World Record for Age Group in 100-Meter Run: ‘It Was Wonderful’, Hahn, November 10, 2021. Not her first rodeo. LSU: 101-year-old LSU alumna and Baton Rouge runner earns world record.

Stories about stirrups and suddenly riding without.

I ride well enough that I don’t panic when I lose my stirrups. I’m not happy about it and I am perfectly capable of coming a cropper, but it doesn’t freak me out de facto.

I have lost a stirrup at a show and lost the class. “I had about two strides wherein I could be slick and pick it back up. Instead, I lost the other one.” [Show Report: SSF]

I impressed the judge, so yay? “She said she could hardly tell I lost my stirrups. My leg never moved.” [Show & Clinic Tweets: SSF]

I’ve lost a stirrup at a show and recovered. “That was four years ago. I can still feel the stirrup sliding off and sliding back on.” [When the Stirrup Swings]

I’ve broken a stirrup leather once, when Milton had his initial come apart. I wonder if I would have stayed on and would that have made a difference? [Did I Piss Off the Universe?]

And finally, a problem with a broken stirrup bar may have been why I tanked on the second day of a show. I didn’t realize it had broken until later. Stirrup stayed on but may have wiggled, causing my leg to waggle. I came out of the day with a lovely bruise on my leg. That should have been a hint. [Show Reports NE GA Charity & MidSummer Classic]

I’m sure there were other stirrup adventures. However, I don’t recall any with Previous Horse. Occasions before that are lost in the mists of time.

Yes, the blog is my external memory. Why do you ask?

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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