Feed Change II


Awareness of the outside world. Old discussion, refers to historic events. Forbes: How Lead Caused America’s Violent Crime Epidemic, Knapp, 2013. This summary article points to Mother Jones: Lead: America’s Real Criminal Element, Drum, 2013.

Why change one variable when you can change two? [Feed Change]

In the interest of getting weight on Rodney, we have put them back on alfalfa. Since bales are hard to come by, we are trying dried cubes, which we rehydrate before feeding.

I’m learning how much water to add. Doesn’t seem to bother the horses if I overwater. So far, 10 out of 10 for soup.

Rationally, I know that these two do well on alfalfa. Plus, Internet advisory tells us alf is good for settling tums. Other parts of me, not so sure. [Alfalfa, Devil Grass or Stomach Supplement? My Horse and I Disagree]

Not the first time we have engaged in poly-variable horse calculus. Maybe it’s an October thing? [Here’s An Idea, Let’s Change Several Variables At Once, Saddle, Schedule, and Diet, Part 1, Milton & Part 2, Rodney]

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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