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Awareness of the outside world. At the end of last week, my state was bouncing back and forth over the red/orange transmission line. First, state was orange; local counties red. Then, state back to red; one local county orange. Heading in the right direction. CDC Covid Tracker

Rodney is sensitive to being overfed.

Life choices deteriorated.

Lowered feed.

Life choices improved.

Rodney is a hard keeper.

Feed gradually raised.

75% of previous. All good.

87% of previous. Still good.

Back to previous rations.


We are now looking into switching feeds.

Gotta give props to the old man for athleticism. Middle of last week, it became obvious that Rodney’s mind was not on riding. I got off and asked the in-house ground-work expert to lunge.

While lungeing, Rodney repeatedly managed to get all four feet well off the ground. When upset, Milton has one move, crow-hopping about like a wind-up toy. Rodney has range. Leaping. Tossing his head. Sunfishing. My favorite was rearing while levitating off the back feet. Very expressive.

It was during the shenanigans that we started discussing a different feed.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

4 thoughts on “Feed Change

  1. He’s quite a useful dude.

    We’re trying a feed with rice bran instead of beet pulp. Actually a bit higher protein. Not my fav but chasing lower protein wasn’t working. 🤞

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