Here’s An Idea, Let’s Change Several Variables At Once, Saddle, Schedule, and Diet, Part 1, Milton


Lucky enough to have a horse.

Awareness of the outside world. I worry about winter and Covid. States & countries that were doing well suddenly aren’t. What if that was the summer lull? I know, don’t borrow trouble. We have a gracious plenty already.
Milton’s Saddle
Since I am cheap and have resisted diving into the horror that is saddle shopping, both horses are still wearing their inexpensive, adjustable Wintecs. This may have turned out to be a good thing.

We have changed Milton to a wider gullet plate to accommodate the vast amount of padding he prefers. For due diligence, we did a recheck on saddle without felt pad. It was a no go. We also ran test of concept with Rodney’s wider saddle. Saddle okay. Milton’s special fluffy girth was a little too snug with the shorter billets.

The set-up is now Milton’s saddle, wider gullet plate, felt pad, & fluffy girth.

Yes, our horse is a padded prince. Your point?

Milton’s Diet
Feed. What can I say, we are eternally optimistic.

Milton is now on ProElite Starch Wise. Apparently, there is a zebra diagnosis out there that horse can have muscular sensitivity to sugar. So we are trying him on a low-starch feed. Even if he is not a zebra, it’s not a bad thing for him to be on a diet feed.

(Taught in medical school. If you hear hoofbeats, think horse, not zebra. The term has reached the Internet mainstream, Wiki: Zebra (medicine). There is even a medical website by that name, Look For Zebras. But I digress.)

As a plus, it’s a pelleted feed. There is an unconfirmed rumor around here that Milton does well on pellets. I realize that the form of the feed is not the content. I’ll take any good omens I can get with this horse.

He has been on this a week now. Seems to be going well. (Crosses fingers.) He did not go sproing the way he did last time. [Feed Change]

Hay. Milton is getting less, details tomorrow.

Milton: I’m hunnnnnngry! This is bullshit!
Us: Sorry, Dude. Beer gut is not a good look on you.

Milton’s Foot
Noted for the record. Milton is slowly healing up an abrasion on a rear fetlock.

Years ago, a somersault on a swing left me with ropeburns behind both knees. Took forever to heal since they cracked open with each step. Milton’s cut looks just like my ropeburn.

Where would he find a rope? Rolling – which he does a lot – and getting his foot wrapped in a vine? The field has low-growing plants that would fit the bill. Fortunately, they break easily. After the initial swelling, he’s been fine on it. Weird.

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

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