Virtual BreyerFest 2020, Haul II, Breyer

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The world is vast & weird.

Awareness of the outside world. Giveaway, of a sort. The catch here is that you are not advocating for yourself. I have a few duplicate/excess Breyer models still in box. Let me know your recommendations for where to donate them. Unless the idea is brilliant, local is better due to postage costs. What say you? Hospital? Scout Troop? Toys for Tots? Please note, I am not regifting any models that were gifted to me. These are extra herd members that I purchased.

Haul photo delayed. Shirt was on back order.

Ballynoe Castle RM. Celebration model. Breyer: BreyerFest Blog, BreyerFest 2020 – Meet your Celebration Horse!, Identify Your Breyer: Show Jumper.

Favory Airiella & dam. Identify Your Breyer: Lipizzaner Mare, Identify Your Breyer: Lipizzaner Foal

Éire, Brittanys Breyers: Irish Draught! . Shirt. Thorn, special run, Breyer: BreyerFest Blog, The reveal you’ve been waiting for!, Identify Your Breyer: Trakehner

I was offered two copies of this model for my SR time slot. Since this was 8th out of 9 on my preference list, I passed. I felt so virtuous. Due to a computer error, BreyerFest had to go back and evaluate every order. (Can you imagine!) I was reoffered Thorn. Are you sure you don’t want this pretty horsey? We’ll just leave it over here for you to look at. Hmmm. I was so proud of my restraint over the weekend. But, you only regret the ones you don’t buy, right? Here, take my money. Take it. Before I change my mind. Well played, Breyer, well played.

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5 thoughts on “Virtual BreyerFest 2020, Haul II, Breyer

  1. Toys for Tots. There must be one local to you so you don’t have to worry about postage. I’m sure with a little looking you could find a local charity with a little girl who would love to have her own horse. 🙂 Hospital children’s cancer ward?

  2. A lot of places aren’t taking donations right now (overwhelmed, no more storage, not having events, etc)

    Toys for Tots is a really nice program and a hospital with pediatrics might work. The local social services probably has families signed up for holiday gifts if you hold on to them for a while longer.

    and I don’t think regifting is a bad thing. I would much rather see something get used/be in a place it makes someone happy than be kept just because.

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