Equine Neologism: Hanxious


Awareness of the outside world. In thanks for giving me the idea for a blog post, a link to this blogger’s most recent BLM activism post, a simple request to read a few essays. Viva Carlos: Never Take Small Steps For Granted.

Hungry + anxious = Hanxious

When lack of food raises your stress level.

Or when you are sensitive and fragile flower and your roommate eats up the leftover hay leaving you with a gaping void in your midsection which makes room for imaginary ulcer rats to move in and gnaw on your vitals which causes you to be unable to cope with the mundane details of day-to-day existence.

I wrote a post on hay & Rodney’s eating habits. L. Williams from Viva Carlos commented, “Aww Rodney gets hangry.” [Routine? What Routine?]


Although …. Rodney’s not really an angry being. Subject to every other emotion, which is then worn on his sleeve, but not anger.

For him, discomfort manifests as scared.

Hared? Hungry + scared.

Hooky? Hungry + spooky.

Hense? Hungry + tense.


Thank you, LW.

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