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The world is vast & weird.

Awareness of the outside world. Operating costs can be hard to fund. Donors want their name on a building. People want to be associated with a particular project. It’s not sexy to pay salaries and buy tiger feed.

In my Virtual BreyerFest recap, I mentioned social media chat. One commenter noted how much money Kentucky Horse Park was losing from not having BreyerFest on the premises. [I Came, I Saw, I Sat On The Couch]

Duh. Obvious now that it was pointed out to me.

I scampered over to spend money. I thought about buying a model to donate. Are organizations taking stuff these days? I wouldn’t. Instead, I filled up my cart with pretty things.

Scarf Teal Tassel Horse. To be used as a tablecloth at horse shows. Remember those?

Towel Horse Head Red. More horse show tableware. What can I say, I was feeling optimistic.

Ornament Eye Dazzler. I have a soft spot for civic street art projects. This is from The Trail of Painted Ponies.

Postcard Go For Gin. For the pile. KHP: Hall Of Champion, Go For Gin. Postcard Posts [archives].

Breyer 70th Anniversary Andalusian Stallion (90’s & 00’s). Because that’s why we’re all here. Identify Your Breyer: Andalusian Stallion.

Mystery Horse Surprise. Gift for getting my cart over a certain amount. Challenge accepted.

While I was flinging dollar bills about, I joined the Man O’ War Society. I have never lived in Kentucky. Yet, KHP has been a big part of my life. One week each year for a while there. It’s been my competition goal for more years than I want to count. May KHP continue for many more.

“The Man o’ War Society is dedicated to supporting day to day operations at the park, and essential for bridging the gap between support provided by the Commonwealth of Kentucky, earned income, and the needs of the park … the Man o’ War Society “keeps the lights on” 365 days per year.” Kentucky Horse Park Foundation: Man o’ War Society

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Update: Ordered two towels. Only one in box. Sent email. KHP took me at my word. Sent a second. Excellent customer service. If you think about it, they had no way of knowing whether or not I was trying to wheedle them out of an extra towel. I guess a) Who does that? Who would go to that much work for a hand towel? & b) Better to send an extra towel and lose money if I was lying than risk alienating a customer in the event that I was telling the truth?

Stay safe. Stay sane,
Katherine Walcott

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  1. I have all the Trail of Painted Ponies books. Would be something to see in person. Also have books/catalogs from similar projects in other cities. Love all the stuff you got.

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