To Show Or To School, That Is My Question

I am trying to learn how to keep shows as an element of the program rather than gravitational black holes that suck in all my time and attention.

Sometimes shows are destinations. Rolex-as-was. The AEC. The show may be national and noteworthy [That Elusive Sunday Blue]. The show may be tiny and local and of huge value to you (*cough* Full Circle Horse Park in November *cough*). Got a big show coming up? That’s great. Come up with a plan [Let the Tune-Up Begin]. Work that plan [Final Progress Report]. Own that sucker [Show Report].

Other times, shows are scheduled within the plan as a step in the learning process. So I’m told.

The original summer schedule had six weeks off until our next show [Aspirational Events]. My mature, rational side decided this was a good thing. Looking back, I felt that I had spent too much time targeting each show and not enough time doing the work in between to do well at said shows.

That was one reason I declined a small local show, despite the convenience factor. Then we ended up there as spectators [Milton Went To Watch]. It was a small, relaxed show. Hmm. Coach Molly convinced me that it would be okay for an adult on a green horse to show in the ultra-low classes. There weren’t just for kids and ponies. Double hmm.

Milton needs to learn to show. He needs to go into show rings and keep the lid on. This is an acquired skill as much as canter transitions or trotting on the bit.

New plan. We will continue to work at home as needed. We will go to shows as they occur. We will not change the former to accommodate the latter. At least, not until the delightful day that we are ready to plan for one of those lovely destination events.

Which is a roundabout way of saying, schooling experience/show report tomorrow.

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Katherine Walcott

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