Tao Of Horse Shows

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The graphic is for tomorrow’s post. I was sufficiently pleased with the result that it gets its own post.

Meaning no disrespect. It’s an illustration for trying to understand the deeper meaning of horse shows and their role in my life. How would I feel if someone made a cross out of ribbons? If it was related to discussing how horse shows brought them closer to God, I would not have a problem with that.
Process Notes. I had no idea how to draw the swishy s-shape. The rosettes had awkward square backgrounds. Had the time come to struggle with union, difference, and all the other object combinatrics? Nope. Not while I can find clever work-arounds. I piled up the various shapes (big circle, big half circle, two medium circles, two squares with inset circles), made them the same color, et voilà. Smoothness. There’s a metaphor lurking in there.

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Katherine Walcott

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