A Tale of Two Barns

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Lesson Barn
Stepping Stone Farm is where I go for saddle seat lessons.

When I arrive, my first action is to walk the length of both aisles to say hello to all of the residents. Then I unpack. I put my brushes and stool near the grooming stall, put my saddle & hat on one of the trunks in the aisle, and settle in.

When I leave, my last action is to feed a peppermint to the horse(s) I rode/drove and to my personal honor roll: Sam, Dottie, and Tigger.


[Custom Ornament from Hamer & Clay]

Schooling Facilities
Stepping Stone Farm is where we go to school Milton in a ring.

If we have have a lesson, I go into barn as far as the office to say hello. If we are on our own, we go in to the barn to use the restroom & refrigerator.

If it is near mealtime, the residents will whinny. If not, they don’t even notice us. The only time I notice the residents is if the pasture horses decide to cavort, thereby distracting Milton.

“We’re not here to help. We’re here to mock.”

[Weekend Voyages]

The Difference is Real
A few weeks ago, we were at SSF with Milton. I found out that Tigger was leaving [Show Report]. I got so caught up in getting Milton home that I totally forgot to feed a valedictory peppermint to the World’s Greatest Horse [Thoughts].


[Sandra Hall Captures The Moment]

Tigger did not leave as quickly as I had thought. I was able to slip him a few peppermints after my most recent ASB lesson, which I was also able to slip in before the month ended [The Saddle Seat Saddle Gathers Dust].

The point is still valid. The two barns exist in two different headspaces.

Photo by Kathie Mautner

❤ May 1, 1988.
[Husband Training]

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