The Gray Wonder


Milton rode in a group lesson!
Other horses!
No hoppy toad!
Big Trot!!
Big Canter!!!!
I’m running out of exclamation points!!!!!

Riding in traffic was a goal. Was not the plan for the day. The plan was to stroll about and observe. Un beau cheval flaneur.

Then, we got caught in the vortex of a group lesson. When I tried to retire to the middle to wait out the canter, Coach Courtney asked, “Where are you going?” Um … back to the rail, I guess.

Milton zipped along! Even at the big trot! There was only four of us, so we had plenty of room. No one tested our personal space. The two kids who passed us where kind enough to do proper show ring passes several horse widths away. No one ran up our tailpipe.

Milton is a social horse. Perhaps he liked having buddies in the ring. Perhaps he cantered neatly (!) and promptly (!) because everyone else was cantering.

Milestone achieved!

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

6 thoughts on “Group!

  1. I love it that everything is going strength to strength with Mr. M and he has such versatility between driving and riding!! I think the more exposure he has the better he seems to do!! Congratulations!!!!

  2. Milton is definitely exposing himself! Does it feel good? I know I am supposed to say yes, but it feels like working hard to achieve things that come easily to other horses. Or to other horse/rider pairs.

    “not enough coffee button.” Giggle. Offices need these right next to the Staples ‘Easy’ button.

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