Dressage Is For Every Horse, Two New Horse Blogs For You To Love

Adventures in Saddle Seat


Recently, two ladies in my area have started horse blogs. Both are working at the intersection of saddle seat and dressage. Sound familiar?

My Horse Journey

“I have decided to do Hunter Jumper and Dressage riding with my horse … I am going to use this blog to chronicle my journey … My horse is a double registered Palomino American Quarter Horse. His registered name is Lil’ Bo Streak. I call him Bo.” About This Blog

In her post about the Awards Banquet, she points out that returning to the same banquet space year after year can remind one of the changes in life, for good or for ill. It was the one I blogged about [Banquet With A Bonus]. We’ve been showing against each other for years in Adult Academy. At this banquet, she won the year-end awards for our divisions.

If I may offer one small correction. In the Winter Tournaments post, first place in the equitation class went to an Academy rider (ahem) and second to the Performance rider. (Post amended. o= (My attempt at a blue ribbon emoticon. You saw it here first.)) The rest is accurate. She did a great job with the pattern.

Show Horse • Sport Horse: Nautica the American Saddlebred Dressage Horse

“Twelve seemed like the perfect age for Nautica to take up a new challenge and I found the idea of him learning basic dressage to be the ideal next step.” About Us

I’ve seen this rider around over the years, but she shows in suit which happens when Academy doesn’t.

In her first post We Bought a Saddle!, she talks about leather snobbery when riding in a Wintec saddle. I reach. She bought a leather version. I assuaged my snobbery by considering mine temporary [New Equipment: Saddle].

So, these are my two new blogging buddies. Milton and I may see them at dressage shows this year. Each of us is starting a dressage journey, each with a different breed of horse, none of them typical dressage breeds: TB, QH, ASB.

At A, Enter …

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