A Small Jump Forward

Milton – cantered high caveletti on long line.
Rodney – walked poles under saddle.

The latest activity* was to visit a local barn to talk about jumping lessons. This is the second jumping barn I have investigated this year. The first barn was nice enough but did not return my text or call. Coach Courtney felt that trainer etiquette permitted me one more try and then move on. Instead, I opted to check out a barn closer to me. I don’t need stupendous grand prix talent. I’m not even trotting crossrails. I require a moderately competent jump instructor who can set low fences and cheer me over them.

The current barn under consideration is the same barn I visited several years ago [Looking Back at 2015]. Back then I was barely riding Rodney and not riding Milton at all. The jumping never got off the ground. (Ha, see what I did there?)

As I told them, we are not ready. Before a jump lesson, I would think the minimum level of acceptable achievement should be a horse who can walk, trot, canter, and at least trot caveletti. That is so not us right now. OTOH, if I wait until I am ready, I will never start. They seemed to find this reasonable.

The plan is to take Milton over first for a schooling session, to let him see the place. No reason for them to spend the first lesson watching Milton look around. Then, maybe a lesson or two on one of their schoolmasters. Then, Milton.

I am being deliberately coy about details. Once I start taking lessons, I will ask the person how much they wish to reveal.

*Activity is necessary for progress. OTOH, one can have activity without progress. It remains to be seen which this is.

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Katherine Walcott

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