Switching Horses


Rodney -> Milton is no problem. Milton is perfectly happy for me to ride correctly [Rodney as Word Processing Software].

Milton -> Rodney is problem. Rodney is a subtle beast. I am not. Neither is Milton.

Milton is not lazy, not school-horse lazy. Milton is … considerate. He wants to be sure that you mean what you say.

Rider/Driver: Milton, trot.
Milton: Really?
Rider/Driver: Milton, trot.
Milton: Seriously?
Rider/Driver: Milton, trot.
Milton: Okay.

I have an electric seat. It keeps Milton moving along. On Rodney, an electric seat translates as Go! GO! GO NOW! I have to recalibrate.

Rodney never gets bored. We are up to 20+ minutes of mounted stand exercise. He doesn’t shuffle his feet; nor does he zone out. He stands, quiet and relaxed, engaged in surveying his world. He does standing meditation better than most people.

Rodney is alive to nuance. I need to be as well.

If you ride two (or more) horses, do you switch mindsets when you switch horses? If so, how?

You may be sensing a sameness in my recent Rodney photos.


Welcome to my world. We do more on the weekends, but not much. Festina lente, emphasis on the lente.
[Rodney as Word Processing Software]
[Rodney’s Schedule?]

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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