Show Photos: CAA 2017

Driving Thursday
Utility Vehicle Reinsmanship, Victory Pass

With Milton on injured reserve [God Laughs] and no saddle seat shows [Do It All], not much driving going on. Instead, here are some belatedly ordered photos from the CAA Carriage Festival last year [Show Report]. (You may notice that MY photos get ordered right away – the good ones at least – while Greg’s get ordered eventually.)

Greg drives Bliss WH. Double Jeopardy passenger is Coach Kate. Presentation Drive passenger is me. All photos by & purchased from Casey McBride.

Utility Vehicle Timed Obstacles
Double Jeopardy Single Horse
Presentation Pleasure Drive

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Katherine Walcott

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  1. Driving, like hunters, never got the memo that we relocated from temperate England. I’m not sure silliness is a rabbit hole one whats to go down for driving, or for most human entertainment endeavors.

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