Milton’s Show Schedule, Driving

tldr: and yet more logistics

Driving Thursday

Milton’s rate-limiting step for driving shows is transportation. Locally, we could drive the cart over, come back, drive the horse over, show, reverse the process. If the show is 20-30 minutes away, that equals 3 hours of shipping. Cumbersome, but not impossible. This is what we already do for the driven dressage lessons.

All we have available locally are driven dressage classes at regular dressage shows. This means modified tests to fit in the narrow, ridden dressage ring. We have to travel for anything driving specific: derbies, combined test, pleasure shows, CDEs. The closest are the MTCC shows that Greg did with Bliss last year [HDT, Derby]. Those are 4 hours away. Other places are 6 or 8 or 10 hours. Double trips are not feasible. We have to figure out a way to get horse and cart on the bus at the same time.

Thanks to the showing last year, Greg has all the gear he needs: jacket, apron, gloves, show hat, etc. Milton has the harness. We have the cart. Now we need to get there.

Oh yeah, and prepare a green horse for his first show. Details.

At least we have the local driven dressage tests to start. The first likely show to have driven dressage is a few weeks after the show Milton & I might attend [Schedule]. This gives me a strong – albeit juvenile – motivation in order to show him first.

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