Graduating From Sam

Saddle Seat Wednesday

Sam has made it clear that the time has come for me to seek fresh fields and pastures new, or at least a different lesson horse [Looking Forward SSF].

In December, I sent Coach Courtney the following email:

I need to move past the Sam safety net. Therefore, my motto for the upcoming year will be to Embrace Challenge. You may need to remind me of this. Often.

Be careful what you wish for.

During Winter Tournament, I rode Robert [Forward, Photo]. Some shows went well [Reports]. Others, less so [Report]. Currently, Robert is being leased by a munchkin at the barn for the move to suit. It is an excellent match, but it means Robert is no longer available for Academy.

My new dance partner is Desi, an adorable little sports car of a mare. Have I mentioned that I prefer to drive a truck? She has the hyper-alert Saddlebred ears that have bothered me from day one [Sam I Am]. Upright ears make me think the sky is falling. In this case it’s not, but tell that to my gut. Plus, if she bounces around and my feet are on the ground, sure, fine, whatever. If she bounces around and butt is in the saddle, sky is falling. We are getting along better each time, but it’s taking longer than I’d like.

Furthermore, Desi is cute and sweet and for sale. I predict that one of these shows, she will go home with someone else. It would be good for her. She’s a one-owner kind of horse. But then I’ll have to go through all of this again.

It is good for me to ride other horses.
It is good for me to ride other horses.
It is good for me to ride other horses.

See the divot on the toe of the boot? That’s from Sam stomping my foot on the way into his stall a few months ago. Fortunately, this is not my first rodeo, and I was able to curl my toes back fast enough. Yet, since it was Sam, all is forgiven.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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